CEREC Same Day Dentistry At Any Age

Napa Dentist Dr. Jack Hoey

Same Day Dentistry NapaBack in Dr. Leo Rosenthal’s heyday, the latest technology meant the world’s first mobile phone calls and personal computers. Fast-forward four decades and the man who heads up a 43-year-old general dentistry practice in Alexandria, Va., was understandably a little resistant to yet another technological leap forward.“November of 2011, I got an email from Sirona that they were giving a dinner at Maggiano’s, a restaurant in Tysons Corner, Va., so I responded that I would be there,” said Rosenthal, now 73. “I’m a little older than most of the dentists. Most of my friends have already retired.”Rosenthal not only attended that evening’s dinner, but made quite a first impression on the event’s host.“I get in the front of the room, and I’m introducing myself and giving my background as a speaker and whatever I do in general dentistry, and this gentleman stands up in the back of the room and yells, ‘I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing here,’” said Dr. Rich Rosenblatt of Chicago.“And, he said, ‘My rep told me I should come out here and learn about this CEREC thing, that it would be a good fit for my practice,” Rosenblatt continued. “I said, ‘So, what’s your concern?’”Rosenthal’s response was simple – or so he thought.“I’m 70 years old. Why should somebody my age be getting into something like this at 70 years old?”

Enter the tale of CEREC advocate and mentor Dr. Charles LoGuidice, known affectionately as “Dr. Chuck,” himself of retirement age.

With CEREC, age is nothing but a number, say its proponents.“When you see these people who at 50 years old, 55, 60, they’re getting in knowing that they’re doing this to sort of reinvigorate themselves and they do. To me, it is a great feeling to know that that’s probably the way I’m going to be,” Rosenblatt said. “I just got to jump in on it way earlier than some of the people like Dr. Chuck and Leo.”“The CEREC and Galileos together, people are so impressed when they see it. Then they see the white hair and then they really can’t believe it, that an old geezer like me would get involved with the technology like I have,” LoGuidice said. “I would like every dentist to have the fun I’m having at it.”Rosenthal said he believes “with all his heart” that the CEREC machine has made him a better dentist.“Here it is, two-and-a-half years later, it truly has been a love affair,” Rosenthal said. “For me, dentistry is my passion and I’m here every day I can doing it and I’m glad to do it. I’m afraid to give it up. I don’t know what could possibly replace it.“I have several hobbies and they’re all wonderful, but nothing equals dentistry,” he continued, with a chuckle. “And, I hope this will be my passion forever. Amen.”Call Napa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jack Hoey to learn more about CEREC Same Day Dentistry!

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