Dental Implant FAQs

Dental Implants Napa


Interested in implants? For years, dental implants have swept the nation as one of the most popular ways to cosmetically improve smiles, and your Napa Valley dentist Dr. Jack Hoey is ready to help you bridge the gap your mouth has been suffering!


As far as tooth-replacement systems go, dental implants have been regarded as the best option for replacing missing teeth, as they function the most similarly to natural teeth, and with proper care, can last a lifetime. The replacements have two parts- a part that functions as the anchoring root, as well as the cosmetic “tooth” that appears above the gumline. The “root” in this system, is the dental implant, and the “tooth” is called the crown.


Together, this root and tooth system, in combination with the practiced and skilled implant procedure perfected by Dr. Hoey, your smile imperfections can become a thing of history, and your smile secrets can be tucked away behind your new, improved, and beautiful smile!  


You may be wondering what sets the implant system above and beyond other measures of tooth replacement; here’s the key: the titanium of which the implant is made has special properties that allow it to fuse with your natural jaw bone, creating lifetime functionality base for your new tooth.


If you’re ready to make the move to implants, or for more information about this life-changing process, call 707-254-7600 to schedule an appointment with your Napa Valley dentist Dr. Hoey!