Dental Implants: A New Year’s Resolution That Will Last For Years!

Dental Implants Napa

Let’s talk about Dental Implants. Missing teeth, due to accidents, aging or underdeveloped oral hygiene habits can cause a sense of insecurity, inhibit you from enjoying certain foods or activities as well as lead to further oral health issues.

Deciding to improve your oral health is a great way to start off 2019, and Napa implant dentist Dr. Hoey suggests dental implants as a permanent change, that will help boost your confidence and improve your health!

Dental implants are an easy solution to keeping your smile in healthy and happy condition for years to come. Replacing your missing teeth is important to keep the balance and structure of your natural teeth in order. As soon as a tooth is lost, natural teeth may begin to shift; which can lead to complicated and expensive dental problems in the future.

Everyday comfort is also something to consider if you have one or more missing teeth. Many people with missing teeth have to give up some of their favorite foods, or activities because they can’t bare the discomfort or embarrassment. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you are then free to enjoy all your favorite foods and events.

Don’t be held back by missing teeth this year! Napa implant dentist Dr. Hoey wants to help you learn more about replacing your missing teeth with Dental Implants so you can carry out life with the smile you deserve, and the quality of life worth living.

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