Tooth Colored Fillings Napa

Napa Dentist Dr. Burke

Natural Teeth Colored Fillings

Before tooth-colored fillings became popular in dental practices across the country, having a cavity that needed to be filled meant revealing your secret every time you smile. Now, with tooth-colored fillings from Napa Dentist Dr. Burke, your cavities stay between you and us. If you have a cavity that needs to be filled, or if you want to replace old metal fillings, Dr. Burke would be happy to help with personal service and affordable, eco-friendly white filling options.

Natural Fillings Napa


Metal fillings are a very obvious dental restoration. Many of our patients are self-conscious about having “metal mouth,” and this is often one of the first items that are addressed when we design smile makeovers. There is also some controversy about the safety and effectiveness of metal fillings. Some dentists believe they lead to more harm in the long run since they are not bonded to the tooth and can cause cracks in enamel after expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.


At Napa Valley Cosmetic Dentistry Napa Dentist Dr. Burke prefers tooth-colored fillings for a variety of reasons. Thanks to advanced technology, white fillings made of composite materials can be used to fill small to medium-sized cavities and are customized to your exact specifications. Tooth-colored fillings are also color-matched to your tooth shade, so they blend in wonderfully with natural enamel.

From a practical standpoint, white fillings are great for adding strength to a tooth. The bonding process allows the composite material to form a tight union with enamel, thereby improving a tooth’s durability and integrity. White fillings are also unaffected by temperature changes, so there is no danger of fracture. And finally, we prefer white fillings because they are more conservative: They require less removal of enamel than metal fillings.

Napa Dentist Dr. Burke provides the following types of Tooth Colored Fillings to her patients:

Porcelain: This is the top of the line material. Porcelain is highly bio-compatible, extremely durable, and indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Composite Ceramic: A natural tooth colored material created from BellGlass™, or other bio-compatible materials that combines excellent aesthetics with long term durability. Restorations using this material are baked in an oven, then cured under pressure using intense light. This makes them longer lasting and stronger than ordinary composite fillings.

If you have areas of tooth decay that are posing a threat to your smile, find out how tooth-colored fillings by Napa Dentist Dr. Burke can help protect teeth.