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Dentures Are A Great Solution For Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Have you lost several teeth?  Do your missing teeth make you uncomfortable when you smile or limit the foods you can enjoy?  If so, dentures are a great solution for replacing your missing teeth.  They can improve the look of your smile and increase your ability to eat and enjoy time with friends and family.  At Napa Valley Dental Care, we can help you find an ideal solution for your missing teeth so you can smile with ease and eat more foods than you can today.

At Napa Valley Dental Care, we offer many options for replacing missing teeth, including Dentures, both conventional and implant-supported, Dental Bridges, and Dental Implants. We will talk to you about your dental health and your goals for replacing missing teeth and find a solution that fits your life, your budget, and your desire for dental health.

Dentures Napa

Consequences of Missing Teeth

When you have lost one or more teeth you may begin to see serious negative effects. These effects go far beyond your mouth to include your whole body health. The effects of missing teeth include:

  • Shifting of other teeth
  • Stress on other teeth
  • Difficulty chewing and eating
  • Malnutrition
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Changes in facial appearance

Dentures can address these issues to maintain your youthful appearance, your overall health, and your self-confidence.

All our dentures and partials are previewed for your approval before completion, and all follow-up visits for adjustments and repairs are free for the first 18 months.

At Napa Valley Dental Care, Dentures come in three major types. They can be either partial or full, and either traditional or implant-supported with either conventional implants or lows cost mini implants.

Partial Dentures replace one or more teeth, but less than an entire arch. Partial dentures may be secured by clasps that anchor the partial to adjacent teeth or attached to implants.

Full dentures replace an entire set of teeth, such as all your upper teeth or all your lower teeth. They are personalized replacement teeth that enhance your smile, your bite, and even your facial contours.  Traditionally upper full dentures are largely secured by the suction created between the denture and the roof of the mouth. Lower Full Dentures rest on the gums and are held in place by their fit over the gums and jawbone.

Modern Dentures: Better Than Ever

Technological advances have improved dentures in recent years.  They are now more comfortable to wear than ever, as well as being more attractive. Experience from Cosmetic Dentistry has helped manufacturers to design dentures that look natural, not artificial. Today’s dentures can mimic attractive smiles without producing a fake appearance. If you have rejected dentures because you are afraid they will be uncomfortable or unattractive, we encourage you to take a look at today’s dentures. You’ll be surprised at how far they have come.