Dental Tips for a Merry Holiday

Dental Tips for a Merry Holiday Dental Tips Napa     Happy happy holidays! How are you celebrating the season this year? Whatever your December festivities look like, Dr. Hoey wants to ensure that you are informed and prepared to keep your oral wellness in top shape throughout all your celebrations. Here are some of […]

Cold Weather and Tooth Sensitivity

Cold Weather and Tooth Sensitivity General Dentistry Napa     There are so many things to look forward to with the change of the season, but the effects of the cold weather on your teeth aren’t usually included in that list! Here’s a little overview of how your teeth can react to changes in the […]

A Guide to Your Teeth!

A Guide to Your Teeth! General Dentistry Napa   Brush and floss daily, avoid staining food and drink, schedule regular appointments with your Napa dentist, but amid your extensive dental treatment plan, are you curious about what exactly is going on in there? You know you’ve got molars, maybe canine teeth, maybe you’ve seen you […]

Dental Check-Ups

Dental Check-Ups General Dentistry Napa   When most people look at their calendar for the year, they don’t often note how many times they’ll be visiting the dentist as a part of their regular check-up routine. The problem that occurs from this general pattern is that often, when people do visit their general dentist, it’s […]